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Stay informed on what’s happening around us and affecting those living on this earth?

So, basically, being unable to go anywhere even more so than usual sparked some thoughts. I’m emotional as I watch the ways the world is handling this. This is not a drill. It feels ~awfully~ weird to me watching the way the earth is splitting.

It’s infuriating being told I’m wasting my time. I feel like I’ve taken too many missed opportunities when I could have spoken up on whatever manifested those words I yearned to speak. I want an informed world. I want responsible voters. I want to keep asking questions and learning about what’s happening.

What I’m seeing is -and I’m no expert on any of this, but it is what I’m noticing throughout this pandemic experience with the humans surrounding me (from a distance!!), is this:

  • Some people went from freaking out to dismissing the entire thing
  • Some people went from dismissing to asking questions
  • Some were asking questions or being greatly affected by the pandemic on most of their journey so far

Obviously there’s a lot more scenarios happening, but these are general trends I am witnessing around me. Specifically chilling to me are those that will stop the world for their fears, but bulldoze through the others to their convenience. I guess I should say that this is no direct shade to anyone. If you feel like it is, maybe pause for a second.

I feel pretty strongly on this. What we cannot do is make up excuses to support why we aren’t doing our part in helping each other and the world. We literally have one shot at this. It’s really killing me seeing the energy some of us humans are spewing out into the world’s space. You will not ever see yesterday again. We only have each other. None of us know it all and I feel like I’m leaving my body when I observe some of us willing to trash the rest for their ease and potential comfort/safety.

If you don’t believe we can change the world, then you can’t – I guess that’s what I’m saying. A lot of the necessary change that literally needs to happen for us to keep moving forward as a species and world cannot happen with the entrapment of your soul’s freedom. We need to know our power both light and dark. How are so many of us unaware of the strength we hold in both aspects? I’m included in that more often than I’d ever want to admit. Let’s face ourselves first and then the world. Too many of us are willing to lead a blind fight without knowing which part of themselves they’d even like to use for the battle.

Everyday you’re here and available, it’s your chance to make some changes. They can be so small. A few years ago I realized I hardly ever audibly said the compliments I thought inside of my head. Ooo, rhymes. I changed it immediately! It changed my life, people! It made ordinary interactions connect me with people I wouldn’t have in passing. I could feel the _-shift_-, know what I’m saying? It shifted both of us positively almost every time! What a dope thing you’re just chilling there with the power to do. My head even started looking for things to compliment. Not always, but there was a crazy, quick improvement in my mental space. Win-win-win -It’s Michael Scott-

Now, from the last two bullet points above, I am witnessing light burst from some of you. Yes, I’m emotional. I’m scared because of some humans and I’m confident and empowered by others. I truly feel as though the majority of us could empower each other. Enough with the “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” and more so “if you can’t grow them, then show them!” Or some other better cheesy line anyone else can think of for us.

We have to hold each other accountable. It’s scary in a world that often silences those speaking up, but I know I wasn’t myself when I didn’t. Setting my soul on fire with freedom is the closest thing to what’s made the core of who I am happy. I don’t think that’d ever be the same for everyone, but the feedback I have gotten from some of you shows me it’s worth sharing here. Maybe, if you’re feeling some sort of frustration or fire burning, release it! Even if to just me? If you’re ever afraid of a message you feel the need to shout, maybe I’d be willing to help share the message? The true and good messages need to be heard. I think that comes from certain experiences and a love for learning. Maybe I’m just a former teacher, but I’m more than happy and ready to be a piece in making that happen.

Also, we all suck. I suck at times. We just all do. That’s why the accountability thing is so cool! We need it and sometimes it’s so difficult not taking it personally when it circles back to you. Sometimes the person giving you the message doesn’t have the moral intention you’d agree with and it makes it all so confusing. None of it is just black and white and I really think that’s where we come in- to listen to each other’s experiences, to help each other in the ways we can, to move forward mostly holding hands and leaving behind more good than what we were met with when we arrived.

Special thank you to Jamie and Angie. Calling you both out on my not famous blog isn’t very much, but wow I’m glad both of you are in my life. Jamie has demonstrated fearlessness and strength in so many ways. When we met, we both could have chosen a dismissive attitude towards the environment around us. Having her strength next to me encouraged me to make the tough choices I knew in my heart were the right things to do. Because of her, I’ve been inspired to never stop. I’ll never stop trying to do the right thing no matter how loud the other side is in their attempts to muffle the truth and motion. I love you so much from whatever physical or quiet distance. You’ll never stop being a friend I know I have for a reason; I love you! And, Angie, from the beginning there was never a moment you hesitated sharing your loving soul with me. Even during the years I felt the most unwanted and unlovable, you smiled my way. The forgiveness you’ve genuinely demonstrated in your life is psyche shifting. I can truly see your soul wrapping around the ones you’re helping and it really never stops. You are so deeply sweet and sincere and I’m so grateful for you. The mirrored pool you allow yourself to be, in order to see within yourself, is mesmerizing. I have so much love and appreciation for you too.

There are so many more of you! I can’t thank everyone enough for the love and support I have felt. I had no idea this blog would turn into what it has, but it has opened up so many connections I was ignorant to. I love having this outlet to etch bits of my brain into the world.

Take care of the planet and share love with the universe.

Peace and progress,

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